JAGDA Outreach Exhibition Part 2 Charity Art Tumbler

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From 2018 to 2020, Japan Graphic Designers Associtioan (JAGDA) uses the power of design to connect to support artists with disabilities and Paralympians over three years. The second round of this initiative features tumblers, an everyday product, created by designers from works by artists with disabilities from the Able Art Company (with some exceptions). They will be exhibited and sold for charity over the course of the year at Tokyo Midtown Design Hub and other locations throughout Japan. Making use of their skills in this field, JAGDA designers will participate as volunteers. A usage fee will be paid to the artists. All proceeds from sales minus manufacturing costs will be donated to the Paralympians Association of Japan.

●Selected tumblers on sale at Tully's Coffee
Four selected designs are currently available at Tully's Coffee shops across Japan as Tully’s Tumbl“Art” (1,400 yen per bottle / 350ml / details). A part of proceeds will go to Paralympians Association of Japan.

●Dates and Venues
1 Feb – 10 Mar 2019: Tokyo Midtown Design Hub (Roppongi, Tokyo) Details
14 – 16 Jun 2019: Kanazawa Paper Show 2018 at Ishikawa Industrial Exhibition Hall (Ishikawa)
6 – 18 Aug 2019: Tohoku Electric Power Green Plaza, Aqua Hall (Sendai, Miyagi) *Part 1 + Part 2 will be exhibited

Exhibits: 151 tumbler covers designed by 151 JAGDA member designers
Featured art: Artworks created by 74 artists registered with Able Art Company and 2 non-registered artists
Price: 1,500 Yen per set (1 tumbler and 3 cover sheets)

Organized by Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc. (JAGDA)
Supported by Able Art Company, Chuo Printing Co., Ltd.
In collaboration with Tully’s Coffee Japan Co., Ltd.

Artwork by Toshihiro Minoda / Design by Tomoaki Furuya