JAGDA Presents Hiroshima Appeals Poster 2011 by Susumu Endo

JAGDA, in collaboration with the Hiroshima International Cultural Foundation, launched a volunteer project “Hiroshima Appeals” poster campaign in 1983, focusing on the theme “Hiroshima’s Spirit” with the goal of promoting peace at home and abroad. The project, conducted annually through 1989, was reinstated in 2005 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II. This year Susumu Endo created the poster for 2011, which is the 14th work of this series.

Title:“A Flash of Catastrophe”
Designer: Susumu Endo
Organizer: Hiroshima International Cultural Foundation,
     Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc. (JAGDA)
Collaboration: Toppan Printing Co. Ltd., Takeo Co., Ltd.

Comment from the designer
March 11, 2011: Disaster at Fukushima nuclear plant!
A few days later, I was asked to design this year’s Hiroshima Appeals poster.
Soon my mind was set on going to Hiroshima.
It was my third visit to Hiroshima Peace Memorial (Atomic Bomb Dome),
but this time, I stood before the building with a new sense of tension.
As I took photographs of the site, the image overlapped that of
the blasted reactor building of Fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant.
It was then and there that the basic direction of the poster design was solidified.
Ongoing discussions on nuclear power and a sense of crisis in Japan,
I believe, led me to that direction.
Choosing the memorial as the subject of the poster is an easy answer that may result in banality.
But I dared to take up the challenge.
My young granddaughter saw me tackling with the piece of work and exclaimed,
“That’s the Hiroshima Peace Memorial!”
I continued working on it thinking, “Now, what message can I convey through my expression?”

About the designer
Born in Yamanashi prefecture in 1933. Graduated from the department of Graphic Design, Kuwasawa Design School 1962. In recent years, including print art, his works are known for its serenity uniquely expressed by computer. Won many international awards including the 1st prize of the Original Poster Category at Lahti Poster Biennial; 1st prize in the graphics category at the International Biennial Exhibition of Humour and Satire in the Arts, Gabrovo in 1993, and many more. Works collected at the British Museum, the Sao Paulo Museum of Art and etc. Received the Medal with Purple Ribbon in 1999. Member of ADC and JAGDA.

Exhibition Information
● “Hiroshima Peace Poster Exhibition”
Period: Tuesday, 2 – Sunday, 14 August
Venue: Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum

Poster now available
The posters are available at JAGDA online shop. For overseas distribution, please contact JAGDA Secretariat first.
Size: B1
Price: 1,050Yen per copy

Other sites to purchase:
1) Museum and resource center
 – Hiroshima Peace Memorial Center (museum shop)
 – Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art (museum shop)
2) Book shop
 – Kinokuniya, Hiroshima Store
 – Junkudo
 – Futaba Tosho
 – kobunkan
 – Picasso Graphic Station

1) Educational institute in Hiroshima City
2) Hiroshima Prefectural Medical Association, Hiroshima Prefecture, and pacifist organizations etc.