JAGDA New Designer Award

The JAGDA New Designer Award was established in 1983 to highlight outstanding young designers and to inspire the graphic design industry. Several designers (Professional Members aged 39 or younger as of October 31) who have created designs with particular novelty and a high level of quality are selected every year from designers whose works are included in the Graphic Design in Japan annual. The award, which highlights the many talents who will lead the design industry, receives considerable attention from the design and advertising industries. JAGDA organizes exhibitions in Tokyo and other areas in Japan to display the awardees’ works.
*The names, biographies and photos shown are as of the time of winning the award.

Awardees of the Year

Natsuki Akanuma, Tomohiro Okazaki, and Ikki Kobayashi

Natsuki Akanuma, Tomohiro Okazaki, and Ikki Kobayashi Selected as Award-Winning Designers

Selection of the 37th JAGDA New Designer Award was conducted at a judging session for the annual Graphic Design in Japan 2019. Out of the 152 eligible members, 35 individuals whose works had obtained good evaluations were narrowed down to 9 individuals as candidates. As a result of the strict selection process, Ms. Natsuki Akanuma, Mr. Tomohiro Okazaki and Mr. Ikki Kobayashi were selected as the award-winning designers.

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