JAGDA Poster Grand Prize

JAGDA continues to organize exhibitions of posters voluntarily created by the JAGDA members under a contemporary theme such as “peace”, “the environment” and “Japan”. JAGDA selects the best work from the works displayed at the exhibitions and presents the JAGDA Poster Grand Prize.

Latest JAGDA Poster Grand Prize

Mr. Katsumi Asaba Wins the 2005 JAGDA Poster Grand Prize

The poster exhibition in 2005 was organized under the theme of “Water for Life”. Mr. Katsumi Asaba won the JAGDA Poster Grand Prize after a category-based evaluation of the 256 posters submitted by JAGDA members and the 463 posters created and submitted by students from all over the country.

Award-winning posers and awardees

Previous JAGDA Poster Grand Prizes

The JAGDA Poster Exhibition: JAPAN 2001

JAGDA Poster Grand Prize: Makoto Nakamura

The JAGDA Peace and Environment Poster Exhibition 1995:

JAGDA Poster Grand Prize: Shigeo Fukuda
JAGDA Poster Alan Weill Prize: Akio Ogawa
JAGDA Poster Masahiro Shinoda Prize: Masayuki Yoshida

The JAGDA Peace and Environment Poster Exhibition 1993: I’m here.

JAGDA Poster Grand Prize: Toyotsugu Ito
JAGDA Poster Grand Prize: Mineo Maeda